1980s, Horror, podcast

3615 code Père Noël (1989) / Ep. 14

Dan and Nick give each other one present early: a new yuletide Projexploitaiton episode! Listen for a very Christmassy discussion of the superb French thriller 3615 code Père Noël (aka Deadly Games, or Dial Code Santa Claus, and many more names...) TIMECODES 00:00:00 / Intro ("Auguries Of Innocence" by William Blake, read by Spencer Parks)… Continue reading 3615 code Père Noël (1989) / Ep. 14

1970s, podcast

Welcome Home Brother Charles (1975) / Ep. 13

Nick and Dan find out you truly can't go home again with a look at Jamaa Fanaka's Welcome Home Brother Charles from 1975, a blaxploitation classic about systemic & individual racism, and America's disillusionment about its own penal fixation. TIMECODES 00:00:00 / Intro 00:02:14 / Theme Song 00:03:33 / Episode Start 00:05:35 / Film discussion:… Continue reading Welcome Home Brother Charles (1975) / Ep. 13

Tokyo Drifter
1960s, podcast

Tokyo Drifter (1966) / Ep. 12

Nick and Dan drift into the eastern hemisphere without a prayer in the world or a gun in their suit jacket pocket. We discuss Seijun Suzuki's TOKYO DRIFTER from 1966. TIMECODES 00:00:00 / Intro (w/ clips from interviews with Seijun Suzuki) 00:02:06 / Theme Song 00:03:24 / Episode Start 00:05:25 / Film discussion: Tokyo Drifter… Continue reading Tokyo Drifter (1966) / Ep. 12

1970s, Hardcore, podcast

Sex World (1978) / Ep. 11

Nick and Dan head over to SEX WORLD, their first XXX movie for the podcast. If this is your first too, don't worry... they'll be gentle.  TIMECODES: 00:00:00 / Radio ad (performed by Brandon Kane of the upcoming DIABOLICAL TALES RADIO HOUR, 00:01:01 / Theme Song 00:02:19 / Episode Start 00:06:40 / Film discussion: Sex… Continue reading Sex World (1978) / Ep. 11

1980s, podcast

Christmas Evil (1980) / Ep. 10

Little Harry has a bone to pick with the St. Elsewhere finale... It's that time of year again! Nick and Dan sit down in front of the fireplace and reflect on what the holiday season means to Harry Stadling, the protagonist of Lewis Jackson's classic yuletide feature, Christmas Evil (aka You Better Watch Out). Be good to each… Continue reading Christmas Evil (1980) / Ep. 10

1970s, podcast

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage (1970) / Ep. 8

"Sir, the museum is CLOSED." Put on your finest black gloves and grab your sharpest knife, 'cuz we're going to Italy! We talk about our first giallo film on the podcast, and what better intro to the genre than with The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, directed by the maestro himself Dario Argento. TIMECODES: 00:00:00… Continue reading The Bird With the Crystal Plumage (1970) / Ep. 8

Dead End Drive In
1980s, podcast

Dead End Drive-In (1986) / Ep.7

In a world dedicated to car culture, only one man dared to call "Shotgun" Turn off your engines because the show's about to start. Welcome back to another season of Projexploitation! We kick off this season with Dead End Drive-In from 1986. A great Ozploitation classic from Brian Trenchard-Smith that asks the age-old question: what… Continue reading Dead End Drive-In (1986) / Ep.7

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