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Dead End Drive-In (1986) / Ep.7

In a world dedicated to car culture, only one man dared to call “Shotgun”

Turn off your engines because the show’s about to start. Welcome back to another season of Projexploitation! We kick off this season with Dead End Drive-In from 1986. A great Ozploitation classic from Brian Trenchard-Smith that asks the age-old question: what if a fascist regime set up concentration camps in desolate drive-in movie theaters. 


00:00:00 / An excerpt from “Crabs” by Peter Carey, read by Heidi Schultz

00:01:51 / Theme Song

00:03:11 / Episode Start

00:08:42 / Film discussion: Dead End Drive-In (1986)

00:53:22 / Intermission

00:54:31 / 2nd excerpt from “Crabs” by Peter Carey, read by Heidi Schultz

00:56:14 / Film discussion continues

01:39:01 / Segment: The A-List

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