1970s, Horror, podcast

Black Christmas (1974) / Ep 6

I am wreath.

Happy hell-idays, everybody! Christmas may be in the past, but the yuletide spirit is still alive and well in our hearts. Listen for an in-depth discussion of Bob Clark’s BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) and for Dan to finally drop his long-underground festive rap remix of a holiday classic. What more could you ask for this holiday season?


00:00:00 / A poem by Claire C Holland (From “I Am Not Your Final Girl, link to purchase book here)

00:01:26 / Theme Song

00:02:42 / Episode Start

00:10:24 / Film discussion: Black Christmas (1974)

01:02:20 / Intermission

01:03:28 / Film discussion continues

01:51:36 / Segment: The A-List

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