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Vampyros Lesbos / Ep 5

Soledad Miranda and the case of the luckiest chalice ever.

Franco, my dear… I don’t give a damn. On this episode, we discuss Jesus Franco’s delirious VAMPYROS LESBOS! It has everything: vampires, lesbians, and vampirish lesbians! If this episode seems too long, a little all over the place, and uncomfortably sexual… well, that’s Jess Franco, baby!


00:00:00 / “Previously On”

00:00:41 / Theme Song

00:01:57 / Episode Start, an ode to Stephen Thrower

00:12:55 / Jess Franco overview

00:25:01 / Film discussion: Vampyros Lesbos

01:04:41 / Intermission

01:05:50 / Film discussion continues

02:13:55 / Segment: The A-List

Music heard in the show come from: 


Apocalypse Cow

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Audio obscured in the opening, Jess Franco style:

“The creative aspect in a movie comes from the director, not because he’s seen as an intellectual guide on the set, but because he acts humanly & responsibly & gives a personnal point of view. Any director is always an auteur. Of course, if he’s a bad director, he’s a bad auteur. It’s his point of view that matters. So in that sense, I think that I am an auteur, maybe a very bad one, but I don’t discuss that. Voilà!”
— Jess Franco, interview on “Neurosis” (aka “Revenge In The House of Usher”) conducted by Obscure437 [2008]