1990s, podcast

Space Truckers / Ep 4

Space Truckers, flyin’ for a mile
I’m crossing you in style

Nick and Dan hit the interstellar highway with Stuart Gordon at the wheel, as we look at 1996’s Space Truckers. 


00:00:00 / “Previously On”

00:01:22 / Theme Song

00:02:40 / Episode Start, and a few words about Rudy Giuliani

00:16:05 / Film Discussion: Space Truckers

00:49:36 / Intermission

00:50:46 / Film discussion continued

01:30:12 / Segment: The A-List

Pictures of works by Ashley Bickerton, the artist referenced by Dan in the episode:

Music heard in the show come from: 


Apocalypse Cow

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