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The Big Heat (1953) / Ep. 9

Projexploitation presents: Sax & the City

Speakeasy or forever hold onto your piece. The Projexploitation racket starts a new side hustle. Meet us in a dark alley and we’ll tell you all about it. This week they feel the blazing pressures of The Big Heat. Fritz Lang and the gang bring us a seedy tale of a cop on the edge. 


00:00:00 / An excerpt from “The Big Heat” by William P. McGivern, read by Troy Sterling Nies

00:01:26 / Theme Song

00:02:11 / Episode Start

00:05:28 / Film discussion: The Big Heat (1953)

00:50:48 / Intermission

00:51:15 / Film discussion continues

01:36:41 / Segment: The A-List

Thanks to Troy Sterling Nies for his contribution to this episode. For more of his works, check out these links:



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