Tokyo Drifter
1960s, podcast

Tokyo Drifter (1966) / Ep. 12

Nick and Dan drift into the eastern hemisphere without a prayer in the world or a gun in their suit jacket pocket. We discuss Seijun Suzuki's TOKYO DRIFTER from 1966. TIMECODES 00:00:00 / Intro (w/ clips from interviews with Seijun Suzuki) 00:02:06 / Theme Song 00:03:24 / Episode Start 00:05:25 / Film discussion: Tokyo Drifter… Continue reading Tokyo Drifter (1966) / Ep. 12

1960s, podcast

Bad Girls Go to Hell / Ep 3

Bad girls, bad girls, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the patriarchy tries to oppress you with non-stop sexual violence, and in fact there's nothing bad about you but the world is a shitty place full of inequality and external/internalized misogyny and oh god... I'm so sorry. Nick and Dan dive into the dreamlike… Continue reading Bad Girls Go to Hell / Ep 3