Our Feature Presentation

Art and exploitation seem to exist on a one-way street. When given the time of the day, we often hear or read about the exploitation found within art, but rarely about the art in exploitation. Cinema is riddled with problems. In the era of think-pieces, art arrives problematic on arrival. This is not inherently a bad thing, but tends to cast a pall over the art of yesteryear, whose faults and antiquities are only magnified as we try to rectify for sins of cinema past.

This site doesn’t attempt to be comprehensive. It is by no means enlightening. And for god sake’s, do not call it informed. The only intention behind these writings are to illuminate some of the darker corners of cinema. Call it an infatuation with art that has no shame. While the site was born with three primary schools of exploitative cinema in mind: horror, hardcore pornography from the golden age of adult films, and sexploitation, that is not all that will be discussed. These distinctions are often blurred or besides the point, and frankly will not limit what will or will not be written about on this site. It is merely the trifecta that formed this author’s entrypoint into filth. After a decade (and counting) of seriously viewing “cinema” (through the canon that’s typically cited), it’s time to appraise the films that history wasn’t able to forget, despite its best efforts.